This is Sked

The current release of sked is version 0.1.1.

Important: sked is alpha quality software which is constantly in flux. The file format used by sked may change incompatibly between releases (but see sked task #20048). Sked may crash or randomly lose your appointments. Please do not use sked to store important information. Yet.

You can find most information about sked, inluding announcements, at the sked project page at Sourceforge.

You might want to see some screenshots of sked.

Download sked from the download page.

If you would like to assist in the development of Sked, please read the how to help page.

What is Sked?

Sked is an effort to develop a visual calendar/scheduling program with the primary interface being text-based (i.e. it runs on a terminal). There seems to be a plethora of strictly graphical calendar programs available, but a relative dearth of text-based ones. Sked attempts to fill that void. The interface principles of Sked are very similar to those of Mutt and Vim, primarily emphasizing efficiency and speed. Indeed, many of the features of those programs will be copied wholesale. Anyone who uses and enjoys Vim or Mutt should feel at home using Sked.

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You can send email to the developers by using the mailing list. Its address is

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